inTec: Safari buglist

Find my collection of Safari bugs here. I've tested on Safari 1.1 (v125). Dive into mark has an excellent lists of bugs in Safari. And Apple has a document on CSS support in Safari. The Surfin' Safari weblog reports on Safari's progress.


  • 30-08-2003: Links with both a forward and back slash in the URL, cause Safari not to resolve links on the page correctly (back slash characters are seen as literals in this case). Workaround, always use forward slashes. (testcase).


  • 01-01-2004: var w=document.write; w('<p>bla bla</p>'); doesn't work (doesn't in mozilla either, DOES work in IE though). Handy for multi-environment libraries. Work around: function w(s){document.write(s)}.
  • 30-09-2003: Safari crashes when accessing the selectedStylesheetSet property of the Document object created with document.implementation.createDocument. (testcase).
  • Solved with 1.2 (well, XMLHttpRequest is implemented, and that's almost the same thing)
    30-09-2003: Safari doesn't implement document.load. From standards point of view, it's logical. The load method is part of the DOM 3 Load and Save Specification. From the javascript-usage-out-there perspective, web-developers tend to test only on availability of the document.implementation object and createDocument method (like on Developer Connection of Apple). Web-developers assume the createDocument method availability implicates the load method is implemented. (testcase).
  • 28-9-2003: Can't load script-tags dynamically. (testcase).
  • Solved with 1.2
    30-08-2003: windows.setTimeout doesn't take a function-type as first parameter, only string-type parameters. Same goes for windows.setInterval. Workaround: use a string. (testcase).


  • 01-03-2004: The textarea element doesn't support the CSS overflow:visible property. Just try the testcase under Internet Explorer (no support at Mozilla either)... (testcase)
  • 28-08-2003: IFRAME elements with the CSS property display:none can't be posted to (with attribute target is iframe's name. Workaround: use visiblity:hidden, and make sure it's at the end of the document, or use a width and height of 0px. (testcase).
  • Solved in 1.2
    28-11-2003: There's some problem with the CSS :hover pseudo-class. See "remake" of The first menuline works perfect (CSS only) but in the second menu line, the popup's won't go away. tba.


  • 25-10-2003: Specifying the width feature of the method wrong, can/will lead to misrendering of the google search entry in the addressbar (testcase).
  • Brushed Metal interface ;). Workaround: Interface Builder.

Feature requests/ideas

  • 26-10-2003: Language detection for the spelling checker. At lots of sites you can post messages. Because I post both Dutch and English messages, I must constantly switch languages (the language option should also be availble on the context menu of course). It's reasonable the reply language is the same as page itself, so the lang and xml:lang attribute could be used for this. It's even a w3c suggestion. The downside however, I haven't seen a site I post to, specifying the content language :-( (testcase).
  • 25-10-2003: A mute knob, to silence all those flashy flash advertisements with soundeffects to attract your attention and those really irritating, but well meant midi background music on bad home pages.
  • 25-10-2003: No sound from pages loaded in background-tabs. OK, this is a difficult one: why not disable sound on background-windows? So this is not a feature request, but a problem.

Safari suggestions (original)

On his weblog, Dave Hyatt is asking for some feedback on Apple's browser, Safari. Because everybody is tired of the TAB-like discussions, I'll only suggest not yet mentioned features.

  • HTTPRequest and DOMDocument object support in javascript, like IE and Gecko-likes. OK, not really an UI feature, but I couldn't think another place to express this opinion. Especially for Web Applications, this technique is imho pretty important.
  • Bookmarks have the tendency to grow beyond limits. Create some tools to help keep it organized. Ideas: Keep statistics like Last Clicked (like iTunes' Last Played), Number of times clicked. Add a command, to check if all bookmarks are still valid.