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You can find my humble collection of javascript code. You are free to use this as a code base. If you find a bug, please notify me. If you can't find a piece of code you need, don't mail me.

Javascript in da house

Here a collection of javascript code I found very interesting on the web. If the list grows, I'll probably group them. Maybe this page will grow to a web/idea-log.

  • - Real cool site. Content in XML and loaded client-side. Real nice controls. Content is cool: javascript/dhtml stuff. Use this link if site doesn't work.
  • saltstorm ESC - crunch your js-files (remove whitespace/comments/newlines, variable substitution), and written in javascript. They also have the interesting Soya library (still in beta).
  • SVG Parser - An XML parser, made to parse SVG files. Understands element-, text- and attribute-nodes. Also look around on the site for other interesing stuff (for example, an tutorial on javascript object-inheritance).
  • js & dom web-log - An interesing weblog, always fun for surfing.
  • MD5 - a javascript implementation of the MD5 secure hash function, including explanation.
  • Remote scripting - Some resources and home of an implementation that works on most browser-platforms.